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March 16th, 2006

07:44 am - MOD POST // Vote for JDN
Hey everyone

JD Natasha need our support!

Go and vote for her here. Right now she's in the lead with 43%! Yay!
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March 14th, 2006

10:00 am - MOD POST // Maxim Photos
JD Natsha poses for Maxim.

"The greatest insult is indifference"
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07:23 am - MOD POST // Letter from JD
Some more news!
Letter from Natasha for her fans.

A: Mis Fanes De: JDCollapse )
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March 13th, 2006

01:13 pm - News
It's sad that nobody has posted on here in so long :( What do you guys think we should do to promote this community? I'm open to suggestions.

Anyways, here's some news on JD Natasha! 

Did you guys know she was nominated for THREE latin grammys?!

She's now on tour, so if you get to go, post about it!!

Tour Dates
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August 30th, 2005

05:25 am - Viva Chicago 2005 (long and not revised) feel free to skip to the pictures
The annual Viva Chicago Festival took place this weekend. Personally, I consider it one of the best summer festivals our city offers because it reunites some of the most talented Latino artist of the moment. Among the artist who attended this year’s festival are: Fey, Cabas, Monchy & Alexandra, Soraya, Obie Bermudez, JD Natasha, Betzaida, and Grupo Control. Most of these artists are nominated for this year Latin Grammy’s (actually five of them are). I was there on Saturday to see Cabas perform; as usual, he was quite energetic. I go there right before his performance; in fact, as I was walking to find a spot, Cabas accompanied by security passed several feet from me. I know I should have had my camera ready but who knew I was going to see him so close. I got there late on Saturday and already knew I was not going to get seats but Sunday was a different story.

On Sunday, I got there early enough to wait in line and get second row seating. Maribel and I decided to walk around to investigate what time the performances were and how were we able to meet the artist. We went to “La Kalles” radio station and we were told that in order to obtain a VIP pass to, which entails you to meet two of the performing artist, we had to either dance or sing karaoke. Of course, I wanted to meet JD Natasha, and Fey and without hesitation, I told Maribel that I was going to sing karaoke and asked her if she wanted to join me. We decided to sing right away because it was still early and there was not a big crowd. We sang “Te Solte la Rienda” by Mana and not only did we each get a VIP pass, but we also got a free t-shirt from the movie “Matando Cabos.” The way the meet and greet worked was after the artist performance, he/she walked to the radio station “La Kalle” (obviously accompanied by security) and began their photo and autograph session. However, people with a VIP pass had priority, meaning they were able to cut in front of the line and everyone else who did not have a VIP pass will go to the end and pray there was sufficient time for them to meet the artist. The schedule of the meet and greet was posted on the stations booth. Most artists were punctual except Fey, but that’s a different story, I’ll share later.

I met JD Natasha first. She was really sweet and adorable. I was actually the first person to take a picture with her because we walked to the station as soon as her performance was over. I was not able to emphasis how much I love her music, considering that I was too concern with the new digital camera I got. I thought it was not taking pictures and even made my friend feel like an idiot after scolding her for not knowing what button to press. In reality, she was taking the pictures correctly, but with no flash, and therefore, I ended with 3 pictures of her and 2 more my friend Mike took of me. It was my fault considering that I’m so used to the flash indicating when a picture has been taken. Also, I ended with approximately 3 short (5 second) videos of JD Natasha since Azalia did not know how to work the other digital camera and instead of taking pictures she was filming. Maribel got really pissed at her because the pictures she took with JD Natasha were not pictures but rather videos. Soraya performed next she was fabulous but prior to her meet and greet her manager informed the radio station that she did not want any pictures taken because she did not want to miss her flight. Therefore, we only got her autograph but I did take pictures of her performance. Obie Bermudez performed after her. My initial plans were to meet JD Natasha and Fey but one of the guys from “La Kalle” was really nice to us and gave us an additional VIP pass. Consequently, I also got to meet him Obie, he was really nice and attentive. After Obie’s meet and greet there were not anymore scheduled artist until later that evening. I went back to my seat and enjoyed the entertainment.

Later on, I got hungry and decided to go grab something to eat. For some reason, I decided to go back to the station to verify what time Fey’s meet and greet was scheduled and as I was getting there, they were already announcing that Fey was going to be there in a couple of minutes, right before her performance. I called Maribel up and told her the news. Finally, Fey arrives and it was total chaos. Everyone wanted to meet her. I got in line and patiently waited for my turn, not thinking that she was only going to be there for approximately 5 minutes. The manager shouted that only 6 more people were able to meet her because Fey had to go and perform. I was so pissed and disappointed, because after she left, I knew I could have been more aggressive and asked the guy from “La Kalle” if he could permit me to be one of those last 6 people but I never would have thought she was only staying there briefly, considering that everyone was there for at least 30 to 45 minutes. To top things off, Fey did not sing live. I guess it was already expected of her but I was upset because I did not meet her. Don’t get me wrong, she was great on stage, I think she is the only one who really had the crowd jumping out of their seats but I would have appreciated or at least respected her more if she had sung live. At one point, I thought it was funny that she had informed the crowd that she was going to sing “Me Cuesta Tanto Olvidarte” and they played a different song of hers to which she had to begin lip-synching. We were able to perceive that she got pissed, since she had already told the crowd that she was going to bring someone on stage for her to sing that song to. Eventually, she had them cut off the song towards the middle and finally they played the correct song. Maribel had called me during her performance because she was at “La Kalles” booth but I was not able to hear what she was saying so I hung up on her. When I finally met up Maribel, she told me that Betzaida was signing autographs but I was not too concern since I had already met her at a previous party. I would have liked to stay for her performance but we left right after Fey’s performance. We ended taking the guy from “La Kalle” home, who was like an hour away and it felt longer considering that there were 6 of us in a small car. Once we passed one of the toll ways we got pulled over by some police officers but fortunately, we were not ticketed. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I’m definitely going next year.

Some of the many pictures I took:
JD Natasha
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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May 21st, 2005

07:51 pm - MOD // Picture Post
Some picatures!

Not new, but pretty!

Lo Nuestro '04; ique bonita!Collapse )
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May 18th, 2005

04:54 pm - [ JD Natsha News ]
According the official JD Natasha newsletter:

JD will be in Mexico this weekend. She'll play:

- Festival Acapulco the 21st of May (2005)
- Festival EXA Guadalajara the 23rd of May (2005)
- Festival EXA DF the 29th of May (2005)

She already filmed an episode of the novela "Rebelde" where she recorded acoustic versons of her songs "Lágrimas" and "Plástico". She also shared a scene with Diego and Roberta of RBD! You will be able to see it in mid-May in Mexico and in a couple of months in the United States.

JD Natasha was named one of the top 21 musicians under 21 by AOL. She is at position #5 on AOL 21 Under 21 along with other featured artists such as Hillary Duff, Avril Lavigne, Ciara, and Lindsay Lohan. You can check it out here.

JD Natasha will be headlining in New Times "Best of Miami 2005". The event will take place the 14th of May (2005).

There are plans to go to Spain the entire month of June.

This week the latest single, "Plástico", has been released.

And that's all for now!
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May 16th, 2005

01:36 pm - Announcements!!
I apologize for lack of updates. My first year of college will be officially over as of next Tuesday, so I'm really excited about that. What have you guys been up to?

Any ideas for what we can do to promote/keep the community active?

Also, if anyone wants to be a mod, please comment on here and tell me. I need someone to help me with this community!!
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February 10th, 2005

11:23 am - Favorite song
Okay, I thought I posted this a few days ago but I guess it didn't work or something. I'm just trying to get some activity started up in this community, so let's start with a simple question: What's your favorite JD Natasha song? Mine is "Lagrimas de amor" because it was the first song I ever heard from her. Alrighty, your turn!
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February 1st, 2005

06:54 pm - JD Natasha Fans...
Okay, guys, I'm sorry for being such an awful mod. I made this community because there weren't any dedicated to JD Natasha, and I'm a huge fan of her music.

Anyways, if any of you guys are good at making banners or anything like that so that we can promote, please let me know. I could even make you a mod if you wanted.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions for this community. I just finished with the layout. Let me know what you guys think :)
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